Crystal Corner - Launching Soon!

Crystal Corner - Launching Soon!

Hey Family!

So I've been thinking about this concept for a while...and now I finally have the time to do it! The Crystal Corner is a weekly blog that explains the metaphysical uses and the scientific properties of all the crystals that I come across. Crystals and gemstones are an essential part of Nekhbet's Niche and what we do. Now, I know a lot of you are wondering what they are and how they work. That's where the Crystal Corner comes in...

Believe it or not, these little "rocks" are more than what meets the eye. They have been shifting the vibration for the better since the beginning of time. Gemstones are mentioned in religious texts, including the Bible and ancient world history. Many varieties are still used to this day for the same purposes as those in antiquity - the healing that comes with the aesthetics. One little piece of crystal will change your whole life...for the better. All of the energetic blockages within and around you will begin to shift...and you begin to live your best life.

I can create amulets out of Black Tourmaline or Onyx for protection. You can get a piece of Citrine from me to put in your wallet to draw money to you. The possibilities are endless...


The Crystal Corner will be every other Friday starting on the 10th...unless I say otherwise. Get you a lil notebook, some incense and vibe with me... <3


-Goddess Nekhbet



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