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Crystal Healing 101

Crystal Healing 101

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Looking to start your journey in crystal healing? Look no further! Crystal Healing 101 is a basic class for those that are delving into the world of crystals, and want a basic understanding of how they work before they begin the dive.

In  our 90 minute class, we will briefly go over:

Piezoelectric effect and crystals


Choosing your own crystals

Cleansing methods

We will also have time for a Q&A session at the end, so get your questions ready!

The link will be sent out the night before the class.

There are two ticket options available:

  • Copper ($44): This is for Zoom access only.
  • Gold ($66): This is for Zoom access and crystals intuitively chosen by Nekhbet. Must be purchased by the 24th of May if outside of the DMV area to allow for shipping time!

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